Picture this…

Picture This:

Photographs from Stratford upon Avon and Beyond – Once Seen, Never Forgotten. Discover captivating photographs capturing the beauty of Stratford upon Avon, North Cornwall, and beyond. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals that will leave a lasting impression. Explore now!


I admit Stratford upon Avon is an already much photographed town what with Shakespeare and all that, so a long with ‘the usual’, I thought I’d also try to picture the more unknown areas. You know, places that people go to when they are up to no good.

I’ve also included photographs from North Cornwall where I’m lucky enough to have a static (6 berth) caravan (which is for rent if you are interested?) All images for sale. Interested?

So, a bit of everything really…
a tree with pink flowers on a path
‘Bridge of sighs’.
a chair next to a brick wall
‘I really must think about losing some weight’.
a path between brick walls and a fence
The lonely bollard’.
Photographs of Stratford upon Avon
‘Where the Posh People live’.


Photos from Cornwall

‘Changing light I.’ (Cornwall)

photographs from Stratford upon Avon
‘The Gulag’.
Photos from Cornwall.
‘Changing light II’. (Cornwall).
photos from Stratford upon Avon
‘Swan attack!’
photographs from Stratford upon Avon
A bit post-cardy…but’.
photos from Stratford upon Avon
‘Shit police’. Taken by the Stratford upon Avon Herald. Not mine so, obviously NOT FOR SALE.
Stratford upon Avon Photos
‘Is that the Crematorium Mama?’
Photos from Stratford upon Avon
‘A word…?’
Stratford upon Avon photos
‘Why is it so brown?’
photos from Stratford upon Avon
Stratford upon Avon Pictures
‘Waiting for…?’
Photos from Stratford upon Avon
‘Reaching out’.
Photo from Stratford upon Avon
‘The Firs’.
photographs of Stratford upon Avon or thereabouts
‘The Firs Pagoda I’.
Photographs of Stratford upon Avon and thereabouts
‘The Firs Pagoda II’.
interesting photographs
‘A river/sewer runs through it’.
The ongoing environmental disaster that was the river Avon and is now owned by The Severn Trent sewage company.
photographs from my hometown
Culture perhaps’.
photographs from my hometown
photos from my home town
To the other side’.
photo from my home town
‘Rosie and the Cat’
photos from Stratford upon Avon
‘Small coffee’.
photos from Stratford upon Avon
‘Fish ‘n Chips – Stratford style’.
stratford upon Avon photos
The world famous ‘Stratford upon Avon fertility symbol’, is thankfully safe from the floods.
photos of Stratford upon Avon
Shakespeare's Birthday Celebration
‘A Jobsworth’ An unfortunate incident on Shakespeare’s birthday.

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